When Do You Need a Professional Rigger?
07 Jun

When Do You Need a Professional Rigger?

Is your manufacturing company expanding? Relocating? Working on any modification projects involving research and development? Or even having daily maintenance issues? If so, then it is likely that your company may need to move equipment and machinery. Businesses, both large and small, find themselves planning a project and unsure what to do about their large-scale machinery. If your business has this need but doesn’t have the internal knowledge, look for a professional rigger. Professional riggers are experienced, highly skilled workers that use precision and attention to detail to safely and securely relocate machinery and plant equipment.

Professional Rigging Services include:

  • Millwright and rigging services
  • Turnkey manufacturing plant relocation
  • Packing, crating, and heavy hauling
  • Long-term storage of industrial equipment

MEYER Rigging has provided flawless execution since the 1920’s with unmatched specialty equipment, technical expertise, skilled labor, and excellent project management. Our team of highly trained professional riggers can safely fulfill any of your company’s unique needs while ensuring cost effective solutions, without extended downtime or hidden expenses. Find out more about what MEYER Rigging can do for you!


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