MEYER Rigging Relocates Eaton
23 May

MEYER Rigging Relocates Eaton

A division of Eaton located in Warwick, RI, has relocated to East Providence, RI after flooding from the Pawtuxet River severely damaged operations and halted production three years ago. This division of Eaton is responsible for manufacturing mechanical seals for use in a variety of aerospace engines and applications. To produce these parts, Eaton uses extremely heavy, sensitive, and valuable equipment which requires specialized moving services in order to insure its safe transport to the new location.

Eaton began vetting potential vendors in August 2012 and awarded the project to William B. Meyer, Inc. at the end of the year. MEYER Rigging, chosen for its capability, resources, and quality of services, began relocating heavy machine tools ranging in weight from 1,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs the first week of April in a project that was scheduled to last 28 days. MEYER Rigging used a variety of different flat-bed trailers, single-step trailers and box trailers to move each item safely and securely to its new location.

To properly manage the logistics behind such an undertaking, MEYER Rigging coordinated between several points of contact. Kevin Sullivan, Senior Account Manager for MEYER Rigging managed this project. He states, “William B. Meyer, Inc. spent months preparing for a job like this to ensure that the crew, resources, and machinery were adequately staffed to provide a successful move for Eaton without suffering a loss in the quality of service we provide to our other customers.” Aside from providing sufficient manpower and equipment, MEYER Rigging also coordinated with electrical and mechanical contractors who will prepare the heavy machine tools for transport to their final location. Once arrived, these contractors will also reinstall the machines.

Finally, MEYER Rigging also coordinated with Eaton to make sure that production resumed as soon as possible in order to avoid a disruption to its customer base while the machines were transported. Sullivan elaborates, “It is our job to keep within Eaton’s schedule and make sure that they do not lose any production time.”

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