Keys to Finding a Reliable Rigging Company
04 Mar

Keys to Finding a Reliable Rigging Company

Rigging is an important part of the relocation process for companies with large machinery and equipment. To safely and securely move industrial equipment that is heavy and oversized into your new location, you need to trust an expert. Rigging can be one of the most critical phases of a company’s relocation project.

An effective rigging team can execute the full scope of the project by understanding the nature of the equipment, developing a comprehensive move plan, and carrying out correct safety practices. It is also important that they have a firm knowledge of permitting and zoning requirements.

Things to look for when hiring a rigging company:

  • Do they have the appropriate equipment and skilled workers? The best riggers take advantage of technology to maintain superior performance.
  • Do they have experience? Moving industrial equipment takes preparation; the machine must be measured, weighed, and analyzed before being lifted.
  • Rigging is highly technical work, so ensure that the company has qualified, trained workers with the correct insurance coverage.

MEYER Rigging provides professional and cost-effective solutions for any project, large or small. With over 95 years as industry leaders, MEYER Rigging can provide services varying between millwright and rigging services, turnkey plant relocations, heavy hauling, export crating, and warehousing. We recently facilitated the move of over 300 pieces of equipment for one of the nation’s leading alloy manufacturers. William B. Meyer, Inc. is the Northeast’s leading rigging service provider. Contact MEYER Rigging to learn more!

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