Flawless equipment relocation service comes only from a nationally recognized partner.

MEYER Rigging is the trusted partner for industrial and machine rigging. We provide essential industrial and machine rigging, specialized handling, transportation services, and industrial equipment relocation throughout the Northeast. Relocation and rigging on such a large scale requires meticulous attention to detail and project planning. The only way to avoid expensive repairs and production downtime is to partner with the best provider in the region.

Moving equipment at this scale is prone to logistical oversights and costly mistakes if proper steps are not planned, carefully followed, and properly executed. For all your industrial and machine rigging and transportation needs, which require precise attention to detail and planning that only MEYER Rigging provides, let us be your trusted partner.

 “Our relationship with William B. Meyer goes back at this site more than 20 years.  We’ve used MEYER Rigging for machine center re-layouts, and of course moving out old machines and moving new ones in.  They are very dependable, very reliable, accommodating and professional and very good at what they do.  – Director of Manufacturing & Facilities, Tier ONE, CT

Join our list of prestigious partners and eliminate the problems associated with flawed communication and management. We can guarantee the safe delivery and installation of your precision machines with our diverse set of logistics services, detailed pre-move planning, and project management experts.