MEYER Office Moving and MEYER Rigging team up to relocate one of the nation’s leading alloy and precision manufacturers.
08 Sep

MEYER Office Moving and MEYER Rigging team up to relocate one of the nation’s leading alloy and precision manufacturers.

After occupying the same building for nearly 60 years, Deringer-Ney, Inc. set out to build a brand new facility, specifically suited to improve environmental controls, work flow, energy efficiency and support the planned expansion of advanced technologies. In order to ensure a smooth move and uninterrupted production, they sought out a company that would be able to handle every aspect of the relocation from moving personnel and offices to moving all of their machines. Over 300 pieces of equipment would need to be relocated to the new facility. The company would need to be able to work with a flexible timeline to meet the needs of Deringer-Ney, Inc.’s customers. The MEYER Office Moving and MEYER Rigging teams were able to exceed Deringer-Ney, Inc.’s expectations. Every challenge was met with professionalism, timely execution, and constant communication to ensure that everyone was on the same page.

In the fall of 2016 Deringer-Ney, Inc. completed construction on their brand new, state-of-the-art building that was built specifically to their needs as a producer of custom alloys used in millions of devices worldwide including sensors, switches, electronics, appliances, automobiles, and medical technologies. For the move they needed to find a company that would be able to handle every step of the move, which included moving offices and personnel as well as larger machinery and manufacturing equipment. The new facility was only 8 miles away from their current facility, but timing of the move would have to be carefully considered to maintain inventory levels for their customers as well as the ability to adapt to meet new production needs.

Deringer-Ney, Inc. set out in August 2014 to build a new building that would seamlessly meet their unique manufacturing needs. They were leaving a building they had occupied since 1956 that no longer allowed for efficient workflow. The new building was built to support the linear flow of products on one floor. The facility also allowed for more space – 10,000 more square feet to be exact. Due to the markets that they support in medical, automotive, semi-conductor, and aerospace, they needed a building with an infrastructure that would meet the ever-increasing needs of equipment and processes.

When Jim Cummings, Vice President of Operations for Deringer-Ney, Inc., and Mark Elliott, Facility Manager, set out on the search for a moving company they considered many aspects for the ideal partner. As part of the process they looked at multiple companies in the area. When they met with the team from William B. Meyer, Inc. they were impressed with the professional presentation from the joint team of Office Moving and Rigging.

The William B. Meyer, Inc. sales team was led by Mike Humen, Director of Business Development for Office Moving, Kevin Sullivan, Director of Business Development for Rigging, and Ed Hyrniewicz, Account Manager for Rigging. Representing years of experience, they had the collective expertise and knowledge to present a comprehensive move plan that would fit Deringer-Ney, Inc.’s objectives.

Cummings had worked with William B. Meyer, Inc. in the past and appreciated that we were a local business. Reflecting on the selection process, Cummings notes, “You provided the best presentation. You were able to speak to the moving, the rigging, and the entire project and beyond. And then when you put together the proposal it was very comprehensive. To sum up in one word, you were the most professional organization.” Elliott agreed, “I think that one of the biggest things was that you provided moving and rigging from the same company.”

After visiting our Windsor location, they were impressed with our state-of-the-art facility and our capability to provide the complete solution of moving, rigging, and storage. After all of their other options were reviewed, Deringer-Ney, Inc. selected William B. Meyer, Inc. to manage and complete their relocation.

Before the move started the MEYER Rigging team came in to measure the machines and overhead doors to ensure that everything could be moved out without causing damage or making physical alterations to the building. Giving attention to every detail during the planning phase avoids issues later on and impressed Deringer-Ney, Inc. The MEYER Office Moving team provided a hand out to employees explaining what to expect during the move.

Beyond the best practices William B. Meyer, Inc. employs during every relocation project, Deringer-Ney, Inc. had its own set of standards to follow throughout the move process. At every step, the move went through a validation process of Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Production Qualification. Machinery and tools are removed from the current plant and reintroduced at the new plant through this validation process.

The move of all departments took place over six months, with multiple dates and time frames adjusted during the move due to customer demands. However, production experienced minimal disruptions and William B. Meyer, Inc. remained flexible and met every challenge in order to satisfy Deringer-Ney, Inc.’s customers throughout the entire relocation process.

Mike Humen noted, “During the move our team faced a series of challenges when it came to timing. Our internal logistics and operations teams were flexible and worked hard to adjust to every new timeline. Meyer’s biggest concern was making sure Deringer-Ney’s customers had the supplies they needed and that production was not interrupted.”

At every phase our team reviewed the equipment and developed the plan accordingly as the move progressed. At certain points the building was not ready according to the original plan and the MEYER team was quick to adjust. All business operations remained active during the move because William B. Meyer, Inc.’s best practices ensured customer orders were fulfilled on time and to Deringer-Ney, Inc.’s standards.

Cummings was completely satisfied with the entire move process: “William B. Meyer was just an excellent business partner from the beginning right through the end of the project. A very professional and nice group of people. Friends were made. The Meyer team was around for a long time and we got to know each other on a regular basis. All
the teams were great. Our contact points were always here, just extremely professional and knowledgeable. When I have an opportunity to tell people about our building and our move, I always bring up William B. Meyer because we had such a great experience and I want to share that.”

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